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May 17, 2014 6:30pm EDT
robert. at. [applause] on september 21, 2013 the islamic terrorist group al-shabaab launched its four-day siege of kenya's westgate shopping mall turning it into a literal slaughterhouse. the jihadists raped tortured to headed dismembered gouged out eyes amputated fingers and held hostages from the roofs. i'm sorry to bring this up during lunch. i don't mean to be running our lunch here today that the reason i bring it up ladies and gentlemen is that barbaric terror gave the islamic stamp to that slaughterhouse because in islamic theology ritual murders involving torture and mutilation are considered necessary sacred acts. muslims and curiouser -- impurities are cleansed and honors restored by the bloodshed from the mutilation of the infidel. they jihadists in kenya engaged in another intriguing selection process they be freed muslims and tortured and murdered non-muslims. one of the survivors recounted how the jihadists asked him the name of mohammad's mother and when he couldn't answer they shot him. women and children who could not recite the koran are named the mother of the profi
May 19, 2014 4:00am EDT
today that the reason i bring it up ladies and gentlemen is that barbaric terror gave the islamic stamp to that slaughterhouse because in islamic theology ritual murders involving torture and mutilation are considered necessary sacred acts. muslims and curiouser -- impurities are cleansed and honors restored by the bloodshed from the mutilation of the infidel. they jihadists in kenya engaged in another intriguing selection process they be freed muslims and tortured and murdered non-muslims. one of the survivors recounted how the jihadists asked him the name of mohammad's mother and when he couldn't answer they shot him. women and children who could not recite the koran are named the mother of the profit were killed the jihadists release anyone who could prove they were muslim by reciting a muslim prayer. in response to this horrifying act of terror britain's prime minister david cameron led the way perfectly for the west in the context of the mind-set that now prevails in our culture. he condemned the attacks but implored everyone begged everyone to keep in mind that the victims in keny
Al Jazeera America
May 14, 2014 1:00pm EDT
'll look at boko haram and how it uses islam to achieve it's goals. >> i'm ali velshi, the news has become this thing where you talk to experts about people, and al jazeera has really tried to talk to people, about their stories. we are not meant to be your first choice for entertainment. we are ment to be your first choice for the news. >> it was one month ago today girls kidnapped from their schools in nigeria, the drones are now being used to look for girls in addition to manned flights taking place over the african nation. also a contingent of 30 americans are on the ground from the fbi, pentagon and state department. in nigeria the government is saying that these girls in the video are the ones kidnapped last month. the governor speaking to protesters on tuesday. he said all the girls in the video are from from the girl's secondary school. they will release those girls in exchange from rebel prisoners. the nigerian government saying it is ready to negotiate with that group. we have been following the story, arya. what is the feeling in the government. are the people still upset with t
May 20, 2014 12:00am PDT
an islamic country. it is to take over nigeria and run it completely to sharia laws. but all of the people we talk to , religious leaders, islamic clerics and intellectuals on the condemns what they are doing. it is just a criminal gang of people who want to do what they want to do to become powerful, in just do what they do regions of pakistan, to become rich and powerful and oppressed women and men and just be dreaded. that is what i think is the ultimate goal. they said they want to. islamic country where everything is according to the tenets of islam. tavis: how would it be governed? has a veryam sophisticated instruction of government. it is taken by a sharia council. they have soldiers, they have all kinds of groups and all kinds of structure that runs the activity. you can see that from the way they carry out the attacks. there was a day they went to an army barracks. they have been to cameroon to release some of their top commanders. this is not something that people would say it is a ragtag group of militants who are just running wild. video with armored tanks behind him. they have v
FOX News
May 13, 2014 1:00am PDT
five." >>> is the obama administration afraid to confront radical islam by name? well, boko haram has declared war on christians and western education and more. today, they released a video of what appears to be some of the missing nigerian school girls. michelle obama took the president's place this weekend to deliver the weekly address, she expressed outrage over the kidnappings, but failed to mission islam or boko haram. >> this terrorist act was committed by a group that don't want these girls to have a education. >> the first lady has taken part in a new hash tag campaign bring back our girls. it is believed we'll need a tougher foreign policy than that. >> it has to be more than hash tags and self-ies. are these bear bearians in nigeria checking their twitter? >> power is the ability to achieve intended effects and this is not intended to have any effect on the real world. >> all right. this is a tough one. i'm going to put bolling on the hot seat on that. you are going to criticize the first lady. she's trying to send a message. >> i think it's great. i think #bring back our gi
May 13, 2014 12:30pm PDT
. and those who are willing to pay for it and not to convert to islam under the pressure of poverty or lack of promotion, they must have a personal relationship with god- sacrament first or agent first- there is that living experience. the coptic church always puts emphasis on repentance, and repentance is in your life- one turns his back to sin and his face to god. so i think that they have that beautiful link between a person and christ under the pressure, and with the teaching, even if it is not as clear as protestants bring up justification by faith. >> see, that's a very remarkable spin on being a minority in a country with a dominant religion. as our conversation went on, he was saying something along the lines of, "you americans who are christian, you don't appreciate your christianity because it comes so easy." here- and he went on and on about this in a wonderful talk after we were off camera- there's a huge pressure, and has been since the entrance of islam into egypt. you know, here in the seventh century, there's incredible pressure to convert to islam. you could still be a seco
FOX News
May 12, 2014 6:00pm PDT
obama. she did not mention the islamic extremist views. the on going threat to women's rights is the subject of the documentary honor diaries, a film that features hirsi ali. they sentenced her to die for outspokenness against violence in the muslim world, but she will not be silenced by threats. i spoke with her about this new video just a short time ago. >> it took us a long time to get interested in this cause because we are so determined to separate the outcome, the kidnappings, the violence, first conversions from its basis. >> we don't want to touch it? >> we don't want to touch it. it's not only us. it's the case in nigeria. i grew up in kenya. we listen to many well-meaning muslims who says it has nothing to do with islam and the koran. it's an aberration. what we're seeing time and time and time again is sadly it's not an aberration. >> explain that, though. we had somebody on the program recently talking about the difference in her mind, she wrote a book between sheeriaism and islam. they said they are different and peace loving who say orldwide sheeriaism have nothi
FOX News
May 12, 2014 11:00pm PDT
extinguished man's darkest impulses. >> is this the p.c. presidency? >> islam is providing a disproportionate share of radical nut bags killing people right now. >> the president's comments on nigerian terrorists landing him in hot water, even from the left. >> there is no mention here of connecting this to the religion. >> bill maher on the attack. >> liberals do not stand up for liberalism. liberalism means one, mostly equality of women, free speech. no death threats. >> "on the record" investigates tonight and. >> what science tells bus the after life there is none. when you die you are dead. >> atheists chaplains in the military how did that work? >> it's just total nonsense, the idea of having a chaplain who is an atheist. >> i have got 99 problems with [bleep] >> he has got 99 problems and this is one. beyonce's sister brutally attacking rapper jay-z. >> also, fired. a teacher breaks up this fight with a broom and now she is out of a job. and she is right here to go "on the record" tonight. up first is, there political correctness and is the obama administration tiptoeing around not wan
FOX News
May 17, 2014 10:00pm PDT
by a distinguished studio audience including women who have lived under the rise of radical islam. as the search for nearly 300 missing nigerian school girls continues after they were captured by boko haram a month ago and rather than calling for military action, liberals formulated a social media campaign to bring back the school girls. it started when the first lady michelle obama posted this photo of her twitter page using the hashtag bring back our girls. the spread and other democrats including senator followed suit and posted similar pictures. i repeatedly said this and will say it again tonight, terrorists likely don't read twitter and if they did, it would have zero impact and probably only embolden them and the only thing they will react to probably is bullet in their head. that's not the only concern when it comes to the ignorance on the left because despite multiple requests, the u.s. state department under hillary clinton refused to designate boko haram a foreign terrorist organization while she was secretary of state leaving the u.s. with far less intelligence on the group and it's
FOX News
May 18, 2014 9:00pm PDT
is hassana hassanal bolkiah. they failed to recognize the rise of radical islam over the years, guess who did? on this program. we're seeing how brutal and inhuman sharia law is. here is what sharia law will represent, saudi arabia one and iran's but require the that women obtain permission from their husbands for their daily freedoms, beating of disocho bead yenlt women and girls, execution of people that are gay. women in afghanistan under sharia can't work, can't go to school. people's hands get chopped off. if you get raped as a woman, you need four male eyewitnesss. a country that sits on the brink of the law where women have no rights, i hear one thing from the deafening voices of liberal women's groups, silence. we bring in our studio audience for reaction. brooke, good to see you. you've been on this program, you richard, we talk a lot about terror. what do you think of the hashtag twitter campaign, thoughts? >> a lot of people argue it's the harsh tag diploma see that shed a light on the war not just in the middle east but all over the world but it's disingenuous because it's the bru
Al Jazeera America
May 24, 2014 3:00am EDT
and declared the area under their control, which is an islamic state. but their pact did not last long. fighters backed by al qaeda turned on the mlma and took over the cities. the fighters began to push towards the government controlled south. in january last year the french were asked to intervene. they did so and pushed out the al qaeda-backed rebels. within a few months the government signed a peace deal to pave the way for elections. but the truth was fragile and broke down earlier this month. al jazeera's correspondent is with me now to talk about this ceasefire. now, we have been in the situation before but the previous ceasefire broke down and nothing happened after that. more violence conditioned. what is the difference this time around. >> the situation changed. when the ceasefire was signed in june, al qaeda was very strong in the north, and had already a presence there. and everyone was unhappy with that situation, and the rebels, the m l.a. rebels, the tower egg and the arab rebels felt that they had to give more so that they can five, and they give a lot in the ceasefire.
FOX News
May 22, 2014 6:00pm PDT
on american islamic relations or care trying to outsource an outspoken 9/11 member. a woman that sits on the board and then. >> i'm going to give you food stamps -- wait a minute, let me finish the thought. >> finish the thought. >> dr. ben carson is here to talk about his dustup with whoopi goldberg and half the senate dehamanding the washingt redskins change their name. we just heard from the nfl and you will, too, after a busy night of the "kelly file." >> breaking tonight after a baffling press conference yesterday in which the president claimed he could not weigh in on the scandal rocking his administration until an inspector general report is completed. we know that this president or his top advisors have known about these very problems for a very long time and did shamefully little to make sure they were resolved. good everything and welcome, everyone, to the "kelly file." i'm megyn kelly and we'll take you through it. this isn't about another ig report, inspector general. we already had three, as it turns out, three, all ignored. it isn't about an audit. we had one of those, t
FOX News
May 18, 2014 6:00pm PDT
to look at the ignorance from the left when it comes to the rise of radical islam. as the search for nigerian school girls continues after being kidnapped by boko haram liberals formulated a stoegs media campaign to try to bring back the kidnapped school girls. it started when the first lady michelle obama posted this photo using the hash tag bring back our girls. the hash tag spread and other democrats including senator mccull ski followed suit and posted similar pictures like the one you see there. i repeatedly said this terrorists don't likely read twitter if they did it would have zero impact on them. the only thing they would react to is probably a bullet to the head. that is not the only concern when it comes to ignorance from the left. despite multiple requests they refused to designate boko haram a terrorist organization while she was secretary of state leaving the u.s. far less intelligence on the group and the ties to al qaeda. the ignorance of the left is not limited to washington and it continued this week in holed wouldn't. some spoke out against sharia law only afte
May 24, 2014 12:30pm EDT
nationalism and variants of religious extremism including radical islam and jewish extremism and the christian identity movement and there are other issues of movement including radical pro-life groups and not surprisingly the prison system as an incubator of extremism and finally although most extremist or not terrorists than most terrorists have been influenced by extremist subcultures. so i will discuss extremist terrorists as well. and i will discuss some signs of convergence in extremist subcultures and this includes illustrating this trend and finally in conclusion i will talk about the implications of some current trends and how they relate to political extremism. so my book endeavors to put these variants of extremism in context. the first, let's look at the extreme right. during the 1990s the extreme right appeared to gain ground as a social movement but the movement suffered a series of setbacks in the aftermath of 9/11. many of the movement's key leaders died or were arrested or prosecuted, but the financial crisis in 2008 and the election of rock obama that same year catalyzed the
FOX News
May 9, 2014 7:00pm PDT
? >> turned a blind eye toward radical islam until the law appears on the doorstep of a posh hollywood hotel. >> we hope to draw attention and people go okay, maybe i won't hold my event there until they change this. >> is john kerry blaming the kidnapping of 300 nigerian school girls on poverty? >> young people are grabbed at an early stage, their minds are bended. >> tonight, the ignorance of the left goes on full display. >> everybody should have a fair shot. >> the president isn't the only figure calling for redistribution of wealth. what pope francis is saying and the ryan express rolls into the "hannity" studios. major league baseball pitcher nolan ryaner is here. "hannity" starts right here right now. >>> tonight hollywood hypocrisy on full display as celebrities speak out after it goes on one of their posh hotels. it implemented slaw because he owns the he tole, hard to guess ma happened after this mid bit of information and jay leno and ellen degenerous and richard brandon, sharon osborne came out and called for a boycott. they said this. >> what year is this? is this, 1814? come on
FOX News
May 9, 2014 10:00pm PDT
's friday night. let's roll. the years the left has turned a blind eye toward radical islam. that is until the very real horrors of sharia law appear on the doorstep of a popular hollywood hotel. >> okay, maybe i won't hold my event there until they change this. >> plus, is john kerry blaming the kidnapping of 300 nigerian schoolgirls on poverty? tonight the ignorance of the left goes on full display. >> everybody should have a fair shot. >> the president is not the only major world figure calling for redistribution of wealth. we're going to tell you what pope francis is now saying that's raising a lot of eyebrows. >>> and the riot express rolls into the hannity studios. nolan ryan is here. >>> tonight hollywood hypocrisy is on full display as some celebrities finally speak out against sharia law. late last month, the sultan of brunei implemented sharia law in his country. he owns the lavish beverley hills hotel. celebrities such as jay leno, l ellen degeneres are coming out against this. >> what year is this? 1814? it is 2014. we sit around here and okay evil flourishes when good people
May 14, 2014 12:00am PDT
did not bring the islamic brotherhood of procedure to egypt. maybe elected by the egyptian people. at that time when we start announcing, qatar announced their help and aid to egypt, it was through when -- was there and when the prime minister announced for egypt. before islamic brotherhood come to power, way before. and we start doing that before the islamic brotherhood come. when they come we continue because they been elected by their own people. we have no problem by electing. some of our brothers they don't like or they disagree, let me put it with the islamic brother hoods. it's their right to do that. some of them think that assisi is legitimate. let me tell you what about assisi come to power which he according to come to power within a month or two month. >> rose: election's in june. >> yeah. and six months later we have like what they say two million or three million in tahrir square and they say we don't want anymore assisi, we need x or y. and we say well this is legitimate. now we have to change the president again and we have to change the persecution again. so we m
May 11, 2014 2:36pm EDT
published this week: >> or when the islamic revolution hair, they were cut off from the west in part because of religious reasons. iran has some problems with using dead hotties and because the west shortly after imposed sanction and didn't have the resources, technology or structure to really continue with deceased organ donation. so they decided to focus on living donation peers to the simpler old fashioning way of dealing with the transplant shortage. this was a nasa rationalized he may think he caused 80% to 90% of people who need organs need kidneys. so they focused on the largest part of the population that needed help. while we focused on everybody at the same time and we focused on finding the technologies we could to keep organs viable and transport them quickly and do everything we could to get them from cadavers. getting cadavers made sense because i put a living person at risk for kidney if you can get a cadaver. the important point here is they met in two different directions. aaron spent 30 years in prison if living donor program while we spent 30 years concentrating on her dec
May 11, 2014 11:00pm EDT
extremism including radical islam for jewish extremism and the christian identity movement. there are single issue movements including echo extremism and radical pro-life groups. not surprisingly, the prison system is an incubator of extremism, and finally, although most extremists are not terrorists, most terrorists have been influenced by extremist subcultures. so i will discuss extremist terrorism as well. in addition i will discuss some signs of convergence and extremist subcultures. in the cases of tamerlan tsarnaev and finally in the conclusion i will talk about the implications of the current trends and how they relate to political extremism. so my book endeavors to put these variants of extremism in context. first let's look at the extreme right. during the 1990s, the extreme right appears to gain the ground as a social movement, but the movement suffered a series of setbacks in the aftermath of 9/11. many of the leaders died or were arrested and prosecuted. but the financial crisis in 2008 and the election of barack obama in the same year catalyzed the movement. in 2011, the law cen
FOX News
May 8, 2014 2:00pm PDT
, and this is "the five." is the world finally waking up to the growing threat of islamic terror. we've warned about the escalating attacks on christians worldwide. now with the kidnappings of nearly 300 school girls in nigeria, our government, celebrities and international community seem to be finally paying some attention. first lady michelle obama has joined an online campaign to find and free the missing girls. angelina jolie has long been a woman's rights advocate. she's now calling for their release and urging action against boko haram. >> i'm absolutely sickened by it. if the world does nothing, then they get away with this, then we set this horrible precedentist think it's extremely important that something is done immediately to try to find these girls, to try to bring them home and god forbid we can't, we have to still bring these men to justice. >> the muslim terrorists of boko haram are waging war against western education. hoping to raise awareness is the pakistani school girl shot in the head by the taliban. >> i think we should not remain silent. this is my feeling, that if we remain
May 14, 2014 10:00pm EDT
where they disagree -- that meet put it that way -- with the islamic brotherhood. it is their right to do that. some of them think that he is legitimate. what about if he comes to power, which he is going to come to power within a month or a two -- >> elections are in june. >> and six months later we have 2 million or 3 million in tahrir square and they say we need x or y. and we say that this is legitimate. now we have changed the president again and we have to change the constitution again. we might have a case every one year if people do not like the president that they can change the constitution and change the president, change the parliament. this is what happened in egypt. i am not supporting the islamic brotherhood. i am not fond of them or the others. at least if i were to put it this way, we have to respect what the people choose. we are not a full democratic country in qatar. we are a monarchy. we accept to live together in this way. but after 20 years, a new idea will come to develop this relation between the monarchy and the people. we are doing this since 40 years. muc
Al Jazeera America
May 21, 2014 3:00am EDT
the interference of these right-wing sectors of the united states and internal affairs of venezuela. >>> ananti-islam group in the u.s. is using public transport to spread its message, asking the u.s. to stop support for muslim countries. >> reporter: 20 of washington's buses are carrying this sign through the streets, the message that the muslim carron prescribes -- koran prescribes hatred of jews. the ad is sponsored by pamela gealear, a high-profile activist, who waged campaigns against the building of mosques, saying islam is a danger to america. >> there's a call for the genocide of the sword of muslims. it's a holy - it's in the koran. >> gealear says they demand ending u.s. aid to muslim countries was provoked by this one. a pro-palestine group posted it on the city's buses. muslim civil rights groups say gealear and her allies distort islam, but agitate for religious conflict. >> the hate atmosphere that they generate leads to vandalism of mosques and discrimination against american muslims and harms the society. hate is core osive to any society. that is what pamela gealear is promoting. >>
May 17, 2014 11:00pm EDT
, it was meant to grow religion naturally outside the governans of the united states. islam is a different religion. islam believes a lot about how it is part of your whole life, including systems of governans. we have to encourage those streams of islam that are oking at it that way and invite them to look at it that way. we believe in democracy but we're islammists. look what happened to them. you saw it. so the guy in the beginning of he film, when i say mohammed abbas and i rode toward the square. that guy, the kid, who was so classically like my muse in he is from a poor part of cairo. and his father died from hepatitis. you know how bad your health care system has to be to die from hepatitis? and he dies from it. the muslim brotherhood hears about this family where the father has died and left behind a boy and his two sisters who are young, and they move in and begin to help them. that muslim brotherhood helps him at home, he goes to work in a printing press. he's like to so many egyptians. he never forgot that the muslim brotherhood helped him when his father died. so he's in the mu
FOX News
May 7, 2014 5:00pm PDT
, radical islam and the clash of civilizati civilization. the u.s. is joining to rescue schoolgirls kidnapped by a terrorist group in nigeria. they have vowed to sell the girls into slavery, claiming a law allows him to do so. >> in hollywood, boycotting hotels owned by the sultan of brunei after imposing anti-gay laws in his country. >> i like to think all people are good. when they realize this is going on, hopefully they will do something about it. there's nothing extreme happening here. these are not feminist waccos. they are women protecting women and gay people protecting. i don't know, berlin, 1933, hello. does it seem that far off from the holocaust? >> this latest clash of civilizations exposing the truth face of islam? joining me with reaction from portland, oregon, the national spokesperson for the muslim community and from phoenix, the president of the american islamic forum for democracy. gentlemen, it's good to see you. this is heart breaking. i covered this on my radio show a few days after we heard about this. this is a couple weeks ago. as a mother, you send your ch
FOX News
May 13, 2014 6:00pm PDT
to make sure there is no mention of jihad or radical islam. one week until it opens see who is winning this fight. >>> guess who is back? >> i asked you a question. you want to apologize. i asked you a question. >> alec baldwin arrested and now taking on the cops in the city they work for. "the kelly file" starts now. >>> breaking tonight the results of a key senate primary coming in at this hour, the polls closing there just moments ago. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for kelly. this race will give us a better idea of voter mindset heading in to the mid-term elections. voters went with the candidate that stands the best chance in november. tonight nebraska choosing the insider, the outsider and the moderate. we're watching the returns. chris, what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: so far it's shaping up to be a good night for republican chances in the fall. the congresswoman from west virginia sails to the nomination for the senate seat currently held by democrat john rockefeller. a key pick up opportunity for republicans. she was once considered vulnerable in a
Al Jazeera America
May 15, 2014 2:00pm EDT
after it sentence add pregnant woman to death. for leaving islam. she has been given until thursday to abandon her christian faith. the judge also sentenced to 100 lashes for marrying a christian, but the 27-year-old has told the court she has always been a christian, she has never been a muslim. >> the search for more than 200 kidnapped school girls goes on. the case has promised an international and condemnation of the growled behind it. baca ha ram which has claimed responsible has disgraced their religion. on what is being done to regulate radical preaching. >> that's how many muslim leaders describe the abduction of nearly 200 school girls by the radical group. the shock also permeated deeply among nigeria's muslim whose make up roughly half the population. >> anyone who understands muslim, would never attempt this. government should make efforts to ensure that the correct religion is being taught and is being practiced. allowing some to spread the ideas unchecked. that's what happened with the founder who is killed by security forces in 2009. >> the supreme council for affairs
May 12, 2014 6:00am EDT
to islam. in the video the group claims to show 130 of the girls wearing full length and praying in an .z indisclosed rural location. let's get more from abuja. i gather you've not seen the video as yet. what do we know and how do we know it's genuine? >> no, i haven't seenç the vid yet. i've spoke ton someone that saw the slid ovideo. he tells me the leader of boko haram is in the video saying he's ready to release the girls but on the condition all prisoners from the group are also released. the video shows over 100 girls saying they have converted to islam. three girls have spoke on in the video according to the person that told me. one of the girls looked terrified in the video. these are the details gather ed from the ten minute video that's just been released in the last one hour. >> do we know how this video has come to light? >> we don't know, but i mean the normal source we receive information like this and get the correspondent is the normal route that he has seen the video. it looks authentic. it came through the route previous videos have come to him from the group. >> this
May 11, 2014 7:00am PDT
. on today's show, we will take you around the world starting in nigeria. with the actions of an islamic terror group have brought condemnation from across the globe. where did boko haram come from, and what are they capable of? also the big question on u krin right now is will president putin make a deal? i will ask henry kissinger who has spent more time with the russian leader than any other american. >>> and who is the world's number one economy, china or the united states? there's been a lot of information and misinformation out there recently. we will sort it out. >>> all that plus why one curmudgeon said the movie "groundhog day" is a great addition to life. >>> first, here's my take. in foreign policy there is one quick way into the history books. make a major mistake. we can be sure with lyndon johnson and george w. bush that no matter what else was said of them, their decision to lead to intervention and war will be long discussed. the second path to big success is actually less short. nixon's opening to china was quickly seen as historic, but harry truman's many bold decisions
FOX News
May 21, 2014 6:00pm PDT
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the islamic world is what other enemies of the state have have been. >> the plant -- the black panthers were terrorist groups? >> yes. but the terrorism and false the understanding that the fbi and cia were deeply involved sending their own agents hid to these organizations. a and i have the evidence as well as this is not the secret city more but actually pokey supposed to do at that moment but said they would provoke the situation from within to take it upon himself so that allows the forces of law and order to make the rest. so that happened over and over again. >> was 9/11 a political act? >> that is a complicated story and four historians we don't fully understand yet to tell lee get the distance and the documents that greedy to fully understand. >> and with the political transition a number of acts not what it seems to be but a climactic movement to a number of different streams. the 1953 cia sponsored overthrow with a capital love to rob it is public information. the irradiance never forgot about that. is and our support of the shot turning into the ayatollah was the consequence. and
or three years ago, you know how time flies, called islam is not the solution for the problem. i argued the issue is much more about how different segments of these communities can learn to live together democratically as opposed to having a kind of peaceful coexistence or not so peaceful coexistence in an authoritarian system. i think, therefore, that the identity issue is a large but many people were surprised by it. i remember a piece about six months ago when he said he was shocked that the issue of secular islam is egypt has loomed so large. i was thinking my gosh this is a man who knows egypt well, but sometimes it's not easy to sort of stand back what you know and see the terrain. the terrain was very much organized. the reason i was not so surprised about the fact that things shifted so quickly from the focus of a social and economic justice and dignity to a struggle over identity is that the political system that in large part been organized around what i call protection racket systems in which governments regime is backed by strong military in many cases, provided social, econ
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 5:00pm EDT
that we're going to free our muslim brothers from the corrupt nigeria. they pull this islam is a freeing element for us against the corruption of the west. >> you hear boko haram referred to as anti-christian, anti-secular, but hasn't given them more social space to islam in the north allowing the introduction of sharia law as a governing legal structure in many of the northern states? hasn't some of this fight already been fought and won by muslim activists? >> well, that is a very good question, and i think one thing that we need to understand is that boko haram cannot be in isolation of the social economic and political context of nigeria. the northeast is one of the most impoverished areas in nigeria despite all the news we hear about the economy in nigeria. high unemployment, high i will liilliteracy and many living in difficult conditions. boko haram took advantage of that, and the way the nigerian security forces mismanaged the 2009 conflict. they went underground and they became more violent and oppressive. what we're seeing now is actually, boko haram claims to be muslims. they
May 12, 2014 5:30am PDT
there from brussels on that meeting of foreign ministers there today. nigeria, where the islamic militant group has released a new video planning to show some of the missing schoolgirls kidnapped over a month ago. in the video the group's leader says the girls have converted to islam and that they will be released in exchange for prisoners. a very different message from the initial claims on what would happen to the girls a few days ago. douglas herbert explains. >> in the first video you basically have the leader of this group standing there, basically threatening to kill all christians, threatening to sell the abducted girls -- they are girls -- in the marketplace, essentially selling them into slavery, saying he will marry a woman the age of 12 and a girl the age of nine. that is the message from the first video. as you can see from the pictures and the second video, as much as a picture can tell right now, it shows all of these girls dressed hed to toe in the he job, claims to have converted them to islam in the video. the area in which they were kidnapped is an area that has a large
Al Jazeera America
May 24, 2014 6:00am EDT
. >> still to come here at al jazeera. syria's al nusra takes its allies, the islamic front to task for being too moderate. >> left without choices before the boko haram threat. the crippling pov ert ni that handicapped thousands of girls in northern nigeria. >> i'm matt ramsay in lisbon where cristiano ronaldo's responsibilities go beyond winning a champion's league final. >>> china is launching an anti-terrorism crackdown in the north-western xinjiang region. hundreds of troops are in the regional capital and the year-long operation will target the manufacture of illegal explosives and training camps. this follows an attack on the market in which 39 were killed. five suspects have been identified. uighur separatists have been blamed, who want independence from beijing. >>> protesters in libya urge the government to control fighters. there were counter protesters for general khalifa haftar in tripoli. he wants to crush hard-line militia's back by the parliament. the syrian branch of al qaeda asked its allies, the islamic front to modify the manifesto. it doesn't call for the creation of an i
FOX News
May 8, 2014 7:00pm PDT
. >> are you suggesting that poverty is responsible for islamic radical li? >> what i'm saying, sean, economic opportunity will empower the population and certainly islamic fund mean -- fundamental is m, and this down i have is vulnerable because there is little infrastructure and it certainly makes it easier for groups like this to thrive. >> would you suggest is the answer is the world ought to help develop nigeria, otherwise we would be somehow cultivating more islamic extremism? >> no, they can help themself. you're seeing nigeria now rec t recently designated the largest economy in africa. it's growing very fast. it's a matter of priority and engagement and bringing the private and public sector together to create more opportunity for the people. >> appreciate you being with us. while the kidnapping has drawn global condemnation, questions why boca haram was not dedicated a terrorist group. the delayed designation as a foreign terrorist organization cost us two years of increased scrutiny of the activity and leadership. boca hard ram met the requirements but the state department's delay
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